Cades Cove - Sparks Lane

Hello! I’m so happy that you’ve stumbled into my little corner of the Internet, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. My name is Valerie and you can probably see me over in the sidebar – nice to meet you! As you can perhaps guess from my blog name, I’m an unabashed bird nerd. I love to go birdwatching and spend hours alone in the woods with my camera and binoculars. As an introvert with a wonderful husband, 4 kids, a black lab, and an active social life, I crave time alone every once in a while (sometimes I crave it more often than others!), and I’m grateful that the birds let me keep them company.

Cades Cove - Sparks Lane
A shot from a sunrise walk through Cades Cove

Crochet does the same thing for me! Quiet time, alone, usually at night, to just recharge and do something I enjoy, often creating something for someone else. I got started in 2010, I think, when I was pregnant with my third child, and I can’t believe I’ve been crocheting for almost 9 years already! I made a sweet little double pom-pom newborn hat for her, which eventually fell apart, but it started my love of the craft. Since then, I’ve gradually increased the time I spend crocheting.

A couple years ago, I made all 4 of my children afghans for Christmas. I get extra excited when a friend or acquaintance is pregnant, because I get to make a blanket. I’ve only recently started designing crochet patterns, but I have a pretty long history of troubleshooting patterns, learning new stitches and techniques, reworking things that I don’t like, and more. I just finally got brave enough to strike out on my own instead of always following other people’s patterns! I’ve recently started knitting, but I’m not good, and it’s frustrating being bad at something. So, I slowly plod ahead, trying to not stink at it.

I live near enough to the Smoky Mountains that I just think of them as home. East Tennessee is where we have chosen to plant our family and make roots, and though we’ve only been here for about a year and a half, it feels more like home than anywhere else we’ve lived. If you ever have questions about the area or the mountains, birding, crocheting, or anything else, feel free to ask! You can find me on FacebookInstagram, or you can just shoot me a message through my contact page.

I hope to share lots of different creative ideas and things here, ranging from crochet & knitting projects and patterns, photographs, and writing, but who’s to say what other ideas might come along later? I hope you’ll look around and find something pretty to look at or something that you’d like to make. Thanks so much for stopping by!